Older Adults and Caregivers Welcome and Login (NEW)


The NIHAN Online Education Modules educate older adults and family caregivers about enhancing quality of life and providing the best care for health issues that older adults may experience.


To access the free modules, participants will create a password-protected account; to create the account, participants will need to complete a brief demographic survey. Each online education module includes a course description and course instructor information. Questions about the modules can be submitted to the Q&A section, and a course instructor will provide answers. 


Log in to your account, or register for first-time module access.

Login to your account or register for the first time for module access.

If you have problems viewing the online training modules or logging in, please call 702-272-0826 or send an email to nihan@unlv.edu.

Available Modules:

Home Health Exercise Videos for Older Adults

The NIHAN Home Health Exercise (HHE) video courses help older adults keep an active lifestyle, by practicing daily exercises at home. These exercises can improve mobility and reduce fall risks. Courses are available at three ability levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Each course consists of four exercise modules: shoulders, lower back, knee, and fall prevention. A certificate of achievement will be issued upon completion of all four courses at each ability level!

Watch the following introduction video of the NIHAN Home Health Exercise Program.