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NIHAN (Nevada Interprofessional Healthy Aging Network)

The NIHAN develops interprofessional education training programs to enhance an integrated geriatrics healthcare workforce including primary healthcare professionals, students, faculty, training physicians, older adults, and their caregivers. The NIHAN’s training programs educate the workforce to apply the evidence-based 4Ms framework (Medication, Mentation, Mobility, What Matters) to daily practice as a set, to improve health outcomes of older adults and to promote Age-Friendly Health Systems and Dementia-Friendly Communities in the southern Nevada.

The NIHAN collaborates with community partners to transform primary care sites to improve clinical health outcomes in older adults through the NIHAN interprofessional training programs and delivery of best practice health care services to healthcare professionals and direct care providers at urban and rural underserved community health organizations and primary care partners.

ADRD (Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementia) Project

Nevada has the third fastest growth rate state for Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementia (ADRD) and the number of those affected is expected to increase by 36.2% in 2024. The ADRD project, under the umbrella of the NIHAN provides workforce training programs to healthcare professionals and students who serve older adults with ADRD. Further the project collaborates with community partners to promote a Dementia-Friendly Community by increasing community-wide awareness: information, resources, and support for family and friend caregivers; meaningful community participation by all residents; and inclusion of diverse communities; training persons in the community to recognize and assist individuals with ADRD, enhancing the physical environment, transportation, and community organizations and facilities.

Source: What is Dementia-Friendly Community?
Reproduced from ACT on Alzheimers® developed tools and resources. 2019.

Strengthening geriatrics within primary care in Nevada's aging communities by developing a strong, high quality health care workforce to harness patient/family engagement to improve overall health in older adults.


Providing interprofessional educational (IPE) training to primary care providers and geriatrics workforce to serve Nevada older adults in an integrated manner.

Establishing partnerships with community-based organizations to address gaps in healthcare for Nevada older adults by promoting Age-Friendly Health Systems and Dementia-Friendly Communities and addressing the social determinants of health.


Developing interprofessional educational (IPE) curriculum coupled with creative and more effective training methods for health professionals and older adults and their families in Nevada including on-line training modules and on-site training (seminar/workshop, IPE simulation training), webinar training with case discussion, and collaborative community outreach with partners.

Developing and extending network collaborating with community-based organizations to implement IPE training based on the 4Ms framework and to transform linguistically and culturally diverse metropolitan Las Vegas and Nevada rural areas with unfavorable social determinants of health into Age-Friendly Health Systems and Dementia-Friendly Communities.

Incorporating the principles of value-based care and improve clinical outcomes in three required GWEP Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) measures (care plan, dementia caregiver burden, opioid misuse) and three selected MIPS measures (high-risk medication use, falls, diabetes control).

Training health professionals caring for patients with ADRD and relieving caregivers’ burden by providing online classes for rural area students and continuing education programs for topics related to dementia.