Age-Friendly Health System


What is an Age-Friendly Health System

As we age, care often becomes more complex. Health systems frequently are not prepared for this complexity and as a result, older adults can suffer a disproportionate amount of harm while in the care of the health system. The Institute for Healthcare Improvement created an essential set of evidence-based practices, known as the 4Ms – What Matters, Medication, Mentation, and Mobility, which represents a broad shift of health systems to focus on the needs of older adults. Age-Friendly Health Systems are health care systems that use the 4Ms framework. 

Each element of the 4Ms Framework

What Matters 1

What Matters

Know and align care with health outcome goals and preferences of each older adult.

Mobility 1


Assess and monitor a daily mobility goal; create home environments safe for mobility​.

Medication 1


Review high-risk medication use; deprescribe or decide not to prescribe if necessary; ensure medication do not interfere with other 4Ms.

Mentation 1


Monitor mental and cognitive well-being; manage mental and cognitive concerns of older adults and their caregiver.

Introducing the 4Ms Framework for an Age-Friendly Health System

Produced by the CATCH-ON team, Rush University Medical Center.

NIHAN-GWEP's Action Plan for the 4Ms

What Matters 1
Mobility 1
Medication 1
Mentation 1

Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Program Coordinating Center (GWEP-CC)

The American Geriatrics Society(AGS)’s Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Program Coordinating Center (GWEP-CC) is supported by The John A. Hartford Foundation and serves as a strategic resource for the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)’s GWEP programs. The goal of the GWEP-CC is to support GWEPs by providing programming and resources that are tailored to their needs and focused on preparing the healthcare workforce to care for older adults. [statement from AGS website]  

GWEP-CC has launched GWEP-CC Age-Friendly Action Community on January 15, 2020 to support the GWEPs and their primary care partners on their journey to become age-friendly. The GWEP-CC has designed the Action Community as an on-ramp for primary care practices to test and adopt the 4Ms.

The GWEP-CC Age-Friendly Action Community hosts monthly webinars for GWEPs and their primary care partners by applying on-line learning communities including topical webinars, peer coaching calls, data sharing, resource repository, and live case studies.

GWEP-CC Online Community Tools and Resources are accessible at no cost.  Go to GWEP Online Community at that is linked to the AGS webpage to create a new account. After completing registration, you can access to GWEP-CC Tools and Resources and subscribe their monthly newsletter.